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Voip For Call Center
Robodialer Voice over IP (VoIP) services deliver significant cost savings opportunities in contact centers by not only eliminating PRI access charges but also by providing lower VoIP long distance rates than those offered by traditional carriers.

Robodialer ’s proven VoIP solutions have helped many call center organizations to scale their telecommunications services to match the fluctuations in their business while reducing expenses.
The bottom line, our clients report savings

Robodialer specializes in dialer SIP termination, voice broadcasting termination and call center SIP services.

Our routes are dialer friendly with no added penalties or surcharges for dialer traffic. And, our billing increments and rounding are tailored to contact center termination to ensure you are not penalized for short duration calls typical for predictive dialing.

As well, our infrastructure and the infrastructure of downstream carriers have been extensively tested for high calls per second (CPS) usage typical of dialer traffic. We support Caller ID and Caller Name on outbound calls on most of our routes.

Cutting Call Center Call Termination & Origination Costs

Robo Dialer can help on your wholesale VoIP needs and can help you lower costs on large volumes of minutes.

Call termination, especially large volumes of interstate and intrastate traffic, can get expensive even with dedicated long distance lines. By converging your voice and data traffic over a single connection, you can save not only on port fees, but also on a per-minute basis as well.

Wholesale VoIP is especially useful for call centers with a dialer platform. Robo Dialer can help you find carriers for your dialer traffic that is being turned down by many carriers. Whether it's high CPS, low ACD, or low ASR

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